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SKY HORIZONE is a leading hair replacement center, operating in UAE since 2002. It is managed by a team of hair replacement professionals.


Natural hair is woven on the net (Base), is attached to the scalp with the help of 4 different types of procedures or combination of the same.

Comparision chart

Elements Hair Replacements Wigs Transplants
Procedure Non-Surgical Non-Surgical Surgical
Weight 50-75% Lighter Heavy No
Volume High, Medium, Low High Low
Length Any Length Uniform 6 Months - 2 Years
Density Your Choice Thick Lacks
Hair Quality Naural Human Hair Synthetic Your Own
Color Single or Multi-tone Single --
Grips 4 types None Not Required
Style Free-Style Uni-directional --
Routine Yes No Yes
Detectable Impossible Yes Yes
Side-Effects None None Surgical Risks
Customization To Any Extent Not Possible Not Possible

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  • Sky Horizone Hair Fixing Centre,
    Shop 26, Al Qasimia Tower,
    Near Mega Mart, Al Nud,
    Al Qasimia,
    P.O.Box No.61620.
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  • Dubai

  • Sky Horizone Hair Fixing Centre,
    No.12, Al-Garsh Building,
    Ground Floor,
    Opp.Karama Centre,
    P.O.Box No.114158.
  • 050-7143243.
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